November 8, 2007

Rush Rush Rush

I feel like all I ever write about is us rushing around, day to day, trying to finish just one more thing. Oh well, I guess that's what it's like to live in the Brown's household.

Football is almost over. I don't know if I'm sad or if I'm overjoyed. This is Tyler's last year before he starts playing middle school football. Then we're on to high school football. I can't believe that he'll be driving in only 4 1/2 short years. Oh my goodness. Anyways, back to football. Tyler's team finished the regular season tied for 2nd place. They played the tournament and finished it in 3rd. Now we are off to Clovis for their tournament. I am so proud of all the boys on this team. They have really put their all into this season. Thank you to the coaches for putting up with not only the kids, but the parents who can be just as bad as the kids.

I have a new nephew. He was born last Friday. He weighed in at 7 lbs and 3 ounces. I believe he was 20 inches long. His name is Jorden. I have seen pictures of him and he is so beautiful. I hope that I can meet him in person.

I went to the Women of Faith conference last Friday. What an inspiring experience. Between all of the laughing and crying, I was totally exhausted when I got back home Saturday night. I would highly recommend going to any woman who wants to be inspired by what God can do in your life. I owe a special thank you to a woman who is an absolute blessing to anyone she comes in contact to. Kathy, you are a special person to me. God will continue to bless you for doing his work. I love you!!!

Quentin has been sick and everyone knows that it's not fun when Daddy is sick. I'm glad he's over it and back to his normal self. Quentin, you mean the world to me and I hope you always remember that you are my love, my friend, and my life.

Sean and Brayden are doing well. Brayden saw a new doctor for his ADHD. I really like this new doctor. He suggested that we change his meds and so we are in the process of doing that. Say a prayer for us. It's going to be rocky for a while.