July 23, 2008

Dear Parents......

Well things have been crazy at the Brown's house. If you read my previous post, and have seen us in public you know why. With 5 kids at home, it has been an absolute zoo. We have toys everywhere, people everywhere, clothes everywhere, bottles everywhere.... I'm sure you are getting the picture. It's been wild. We really need to get some order to our house soon. Tyler is really struggling with our situation right now. He wrote us a note and it started out like this, "Dear Parents." Well, it wasn't Dear Mom and Dad, Dear Loved Ones, nope it was Dear Parents. He basically told us he was stressed out and frustrated with how our lives have changed over the past week. Quentin and I are really focusing on teaching the kids that we all have to sacrifice to take care of these 2 precious boys. We have stressed that this is what families do for each other. We step up and we help out. It has been a challenge, but we have really enjoyed having our nephews in our house. I pray for Tyler to find peace and comfort during this tough time. I pray that he sees that family is so important and that we need to take care of these children as if they were our own. I pray that each of my kids sees that the bond of family is so strong that we will open our lives up to help each other out.

July 17, 2008

5 Boys.....

Well, my sister is going through some major issues in her life right now. We are keeping Shena's two boys until she is able to come and take care of them. She is really struggling and needing lots of prayers. Several of you know her story and I just ask that you cover all of us with prayer right now. This is going to be a huge adjustment for each of us. I am so glad that God has opened the door for us to be able help with the boys. I know that Shena will be working hard to get things going in the right direction so that she can come and get her boys. Thanks to the Blackwell's for making the long trip to NM and back in one night with us. We wouldn't have been able to stay awake without you guys. Thanks to Renay and Kathy for the prayers all the way there and home. We had a safe trip and now we are trying to get everyone settled. 5 boys in one house is a little scary to me, but I know that God will provide for us.

July 2, 2008


I have been personally struggling lately with how much everything has gone up. (I know I'm not the only one out there!) I was recently visiting with a family member and she told me that I needed to think of this in a different way. I was sitting there thinking, "Different way??? How can I look at this in a different way?"

She said, "What are you doing as a result of not being able to afford gas?"

My reply, "We have to stay home all of the time (except going to work), and we only leave to go to Church."

She replied, "Exactly!" She said, "You are being made to spend time with your family and only going out to worship God."

I have to admit I sat there for a minute and let it soak in. Maybe this is what God is wanting all of us to do. We have all gotten to a point where we just run and do whatever we want. We are losing that connection with our family and with our church family. We need to refocus, and maybe this is God's way of telling us to do that. I know that we are all going to continue to complain about gas prices, grocery prices, and just the cost of living. Maybe we should also rejoice in the knowledge that we are getting this special time with our families and we are being shown that we also need our church families.

I hope this blesses each of you as it has me. Love you all!