December 17, 2008

So I'm a little nervous

Tomorrow is the big day. What day you might ask? Brayden will have surgery tomorrow to remove the cyst he has in his neck. He will also have his tonisils and such out. The name of the cyst is thyroglossal duct cyst. If you want to read about this type of cyst you can go to this link: It is a fairly rare type of cyst. We go to the doctor today at 3:00 to find out what time his surgery will be and where it will be. We were told he would have to stay overnight.

I would like to ask for everyone's prayers during this time. Please pray for the surgeons, the nurses, the hospital staff, and anyone else who will be taking care of Brayden. Please pray for Brayden's quick recovery. Please pray for our family. Pray that we will have peace during this time, and pray for our patience as Brayden recovers.

We love each of you dearly. I will post pics and updates in the next few days of Brayden.


Katey said...

Praying everything will go smooth...and that he comes out of the anesthesia well.
peace for your family

~renay~ said...

We are praying that everything goes well.